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Sing me to sleep

Sing me to sleep

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Gothic girl sleeping on a couch is a piece of art that depicts a young, gothic-looking girl who is asleep on a couch. The girl is likely to be depicted with pale skin, dark, gothic clothing, and dramatic makeup. She may be surrounded by objects or symbols associated with the gothic style, such as candles, skulls, or black roses. The couch on which she is sleeping may be depicted in a stylized or surreal way, incorporating elements of the gothic and lowbrow styles. The overall theme of the art piece is likely to be one of relaxation, rest, and possibly a sense of melancholy or introspection.

Sing me to sleep is printed on high quality, artist grade stock and folded around a lightweight frame to give them a gorgeous, gallery ready appearance. With acid free ink that will last without fading or chipping, Features a scratch-resistant UV coating. Wipes clean easily with a damp cloth or to remove dust, vacuum gently using a soft brush attachment.

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